Conor Bowman

Conor Bowman is a left-handed Irish writer who shares a birthday with George Harrison. He is the author of the novels WASTING BY DEGREES, THE LAST ESTATE, and THE REDEMPTION OF GEORGE BAXTER HENRY, and two collections of short stories. His fourth novel, HORACE WINTER SAYS GOODBYE, will be published in 2017 by Hachette Ireland.


Horace Winter Says Goodbye

Horace Winter has spent forty-seven years working in a bank in Dublin, and all but the last three years of his life living with his mother. Horace doesn't, strictly speaking, have friends. Instead he has butterflies and even humans appear to him as moths or butterflies, since the long-ago day when a Very Bad Thing happened.

His approaching retirement brings Horace no sense of pleasure. How on earth is he supposed to survive out there in the world, without the safety-net of his little grey office? But when he takes a nasty turn on his doorstep and gets rushed off to hospital, he suddenly has a very different diagnosis to worry about.

But then Horace meets Amanda. And Max. And ex-Corporal Migsie Spring. He discovers a letter his father never posted, and goes on a mission to find its addressee; he gets a man jailed (sort of) and rescues his son (sort of); he learns to fly a model airplane and takes his own first flight abroad, to England and then the beaches of Normandy, and all to answer one central question: is Horace Winter a Butterfly? Or is he a Moth?