Drew Chapman

Drew Chapman grew up in New York City. He is third generation Hollywood; his grandfather, Joseph Brun, was an acclaimed cinematographer in the 1960s, and his father Michael Chapman was the Director of Photography on Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, among other films.

Drew started his career as a staff writer at Disney Animation. He wrote the first screenplay for the animated feature Pocahontas. He has written on numerous studio movies, including the original Iron Man for 20th Century Fox, and the Beethoven series for Universal Pictures. He wrote and directed the film Stand Off for TriMark Pictures. Drew has also sold a number of spec scripts, including Sea Wolf to Sony Pictures/Imagine Entertainment, which sold in a million dollar bidding war. He's also collaborated as a writer with directors such as Roland Emmerich, Jean-Jacques Beineix and Baltasar Kormakur.

Currently, Drew writes primarily for television. In October 2013, his first novel, THE ASCENDANT, was optioned by 20th Television Studios and Fox for Drew to adapt into a series.

He has previously sold numerous original pilots to studio and networks, including ABC and SonyTV. Amongst these have been A House Divided, about a modern-day Civil War in the United States. Also, Dakota, about the migration of the dispossessed to a North Dakota town during a fracking boom. Most recently, in 2013, Drew adapted the book, Circle of Treason, as a limited series for ABC entitled Assets. The project will star Jodi Whittaker and air in 2014.

Drew divides his time between Los Angeles and Seattle. THE ASCENDANT is his first novel. Simon & Schuster is publishing January 2014 and envisions this as a major thriller franchise. Drew is currently writing the second novel.


The Ascendant

Howard Gordon, executive producer of 24 and Homeland: "Drew Chapman has created a twenty-first-century superhero in THE ASCENDANT. A must-read for the Internet cognoscenti, it updates the thriller to groundbreaking territory. Garrett Reilly is a genius who can think, process, and react faster than everyone else ever has. And he has to because the country's welfare hangs in the balance. THE ASCENDANT is an intense and relevant thriller; you'll feel like you're reading tomorrow's headlines today."

C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author of BREAKING POINT and THE HIGHWAY: "Like his intriguing protagonist Garrett Reilly, author Drew Chapman possesses startling skills, and this first novel just blows the doors off. THE ASCENDANT is a rollicking, globe-hopping, timely, and prescient page-turner - a twenty-first-century thriller that once begun refuses to yield or loosen its grip on the reader. A stunning debut."

Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of PARANOIA and BURIED SECRETS: "Fans of Homeland and 24 will love THE ASCENDANT - a rocket of a thriller that's fresh and cool and totally real."

Alafair Burke, bestselling author of IF YOU WERE HERE: "Political thriller? International thriller? Financial thriller? Whatever you call it, THE ASCENDANT is smart, edgy, fast-paced storytelling at its best. Its unlikely hero Garrett Reilly reminded me of a young Jack Reacher as a tech-savvy bond analyst. Drew Chapman is a debut novelist to watch."

Alex Grecian, New York Times bestselling author of THE YARD: "From its first page, THE ASCENDANT pulls you into a compellingly suspenseful story, and delivers it at a breakneck pace. Drew Chapman demonstrates the assured hand of an author on his twentieth novel, not his first. I couldn't put it down!"

Booklist (starred review): "Chapman's novel is THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER meets HACKERS. . . . A must-read for international-thriller fans."

King of Fear

"Whirlwind thriller ... stylish." - Wall Street Journal

The blistering sequel to THE ASCENDANT: An action-packed thriller starring a bond trader turned antihero. Unlikely patriot Garrett Reilly can identify threats against America from both inside and outside the nation's borders. But now the whole world's economy is at risk ...

Garrett Reilly sees what others do not: numbers, patterns, a nation on the brink of collapse. His unique talents saved countries from falling into a world war in THE ASCENDANT. But it also made him a marked man―marked by terrorist groups; marked by the US Government.

In THE KING OF FEAR, Garrett recognizes a string of events that could lead to economic Armageddon in the US: banks closing, grocery shelves lying empty, the nation's currency rendered worthless. Total chaos could engulf society within a matter of days. Garrett and the Ascendant team reunite to face enemies on all sides: a wounded Russia bent on keeping its crumbling empire in place, a cyber genius fixated on Garrett, a femme fatale willing to do anything to establish a new world order. In the midst of this, Garrett must also confront his own demons: his class rage, growing paranoia, and a dependency that he cannot seem to shake. After all, it only takes one card to make the whole house fall ...