Faith Gardner

Faith Gardner's short fiction has been featured in publications such as McSweeney's Internet Tendency and PANK; her story "Window Woman" won Best of the Net in 2011. Faith was co-editor of Story Tapes, a series featuring author interviews on podcast and video readings of various flash fiction writers. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and currently lives in Berkeley, California. Faith's debut YA novel PERDITA is published by Merit Press.

Photo credit: Niki Pretti



"An intimate, fascinating, gripping first-person narration ... The unexpected answers to what really happened to Perdita and what's really happening to Arielle will shock readers as much as they do Arielle. An edgy, intriguing debut novel of suspense, suspicion, and surprise." - Kirkus

"Sixteen-year-old Arielle Delaney needs some sleep. Or so she thinks -otherwise why would she be seeing ghosts? The 'hauntings' start soon after her sister Casey's best friend, Perdita, drowns in a local lake ... An absorbing mystery with an appropriately untidy yet satisfying ending that will hold readers' attention throughout." - School Library Journal

The Second Life of Ava Rivers
The story of an eighteen-year-old who must navigate the unexpected reappearance of her twin who disappeared eleven years ago and left behind a broken family. Razorbill (Penguin) will publish in Summer 2018.