Gerald Shea

Educated at Andover, Yale, and Columbia Law School, Gerald Shea was a lawyer at New York's pre-eminent white shoe firm of Debevoise & Plimpton. He also worked in a top-level position for Mobil. Now retired, he divides his time between the US and France.


Song Without Words: Discovering My Deafness Halfway through Life

"With candor, insight, and considerable charm and wit, Gerald Shea has explored the little-known world of the partially deaf, a world of confused language and identity. A great many people stand to benefit from SONG WITHOUT WORDS." - Andrew Solomon, FAR FROM THE TREE

"Gerald Shea's SONG WITHOUT WORDS is a brilliant window into the largely unknown world of the partially deaf: riveting to read, and illuminating at every level." - Antonia Fraser, MY LIFE WITH HAROLD PINTER

"Gerald Shea's story is fascinating, heartbreaking, heroic and relentlessly riveting." - Louis Begley, ABOUT SCHMIDT

"SONG WITHOUT WORDS is Gerald Shea's brilliant and thoroughly engaging, if often painful, account of his passage through childhood and youth. This journey seems an almost impossible achievement, a heroic triumph of determination over adversity...To read SONG WITHOUT WORDS is to appreciate the poetry and clarity of Shea's language, resonant with hard-won experience, wisdom and stunning courage." - Washington Post

"Readers are lucky that Shea took the time to write this masterful memoir, which brings us into a hidden world so few have ever visited. SONG WITHOUT WORDS proves that memoir, at its lyrical best, can be a truly wonderful and inspirational literary genre." - Boston Globe