Götz Aly

Götz Aly was born in Heidelberg in 1947, attended the German Journalism School and studied Political Science and History. He is currently teaching at the Fritz Bauer Institute of the University of Frankfurt. Aly has been writing on social policy and 20th-century history for 25 years, especially on National Socialism, and his works have been translated into all major language. His publications in English include INTO THE TUNNEL and HITLER'S BENEFICIARIES: PLUNDER, RACIAL WAR, AND THE NAZI WELFARE STATE. His most recent book, WHY THE GERMANS? WHY THE JEWS? is published by Metropolitan.

Represented on behalf of S. Fischer


Why the Germans? Why the Jews?: Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust

Booklist: "In this provocative and disturbing book, [Aly] has set himself an impossible task: to explain why the effort to exterminate the Jews of Europe happened in Germany rather than other European nations with stronger histories of anti-Semitism."