Gregory David Roberts

Gregory David Roberts' brilliant debut novel and international bestseller SHANTARAM has been published in more than three dozen languages and sold close to four million copies worldwide. Film rights were acquired by Warner Brothers in a major deal, with Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil producing. Roberts is currently completing THE MOUNTAIN SHADOW, the sequel to SHANTARAM, in which the epic quest of Lin continues. Roberts also writes screenplays, poetry and short stories.

Greg Roberts was once Australia's most wanted man. Having escaped from a maximum security prison in broad daylight, he made his way to Bombay. There he set up a first-aid clinic in a slum, worked in the Bollywood film industry and served time in the notorious Arthur Road Prison. He worked as a forger, counterfeiter, gunrunner and smuggler, and fought the Soviet occupiers alongside a gang leader in Afghanistan. Ultimately, his spiritual journey led him to understand that he needed to accept responsibility for his fate before he could move forward with his life. He returned to prison to finish his sentence and spent two years in solitary confinement.

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"In the spirit of Charles Dickens, Roberts (who wrote the novel after he was rearrested in 1990 and sent to serve the remaining seven years of his sentence) has created an expansive work, encompassing a large and disparate cast of characters, subjects and situations....inspired storytelling." - People Magazine Critic's Choice

"SHANTARAM is a novel of the first order, a work of extraordinary art, a thing of exceptional beauty. If someone asked me what the book was about, I would have to say everything, every thing in the world. Gregory David Roberts does for Bombay what Lawrence Durrell did for Alexandria, what Melville did for the South Seas, and what Thoreau did for Walden Pond: He makes it an eternal player in the literature of the world." - Pat Conroy

"A sensational read." - Publishers Weekly

"[A] sprawling, intelligent novel…full of vibrant characters…the exuberance of his prose is refreshing… Roberts brings us through Bombay's slums and opium houses, its prostitution dens and ex-pat bars, saying, You come now. And we follow." - Washington Post Book World

"Few stand out quite like SHANTARAM ... nothing if not entertaining. Sometimes a big story is its own best reward." - New York Times

"Vivid, entertaining. Its visceral, cinematic descriptive beauty truly impresses." - USA Today

"Utterly unique, absolutely audacious, and wonderfully wild, SHANTARAM is sure to catch even the most fantastic of imaginations off guard." - Elle

"A literary masterpiece . . . it has the grit and pace of a thriller." - Daily Telegraph

"Extraordinarily vivid . . . a gigantic, jaw-dropping, grittily authentic saga." - Daily Mail