Indrajit Hazra

Indrajit Hazra is an acclaimed journalist who for many years wrote the popular Red Herring column for the Hindustan Times. He is the author of the novels THE BURNT FOREHEAD OF MAX SUAL, THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, and THE BIOSCOPE MAN. His most recent book, GRAND DELUSIONS, is a short and personal history of Calcutta.


Grand Delusions: A Short Biography of Kolkata

Indrajit Hazra's exploration of Kolkata - once Calcutta, headquarters of the Raj - goes far beyond the expected stories about a metropolis that has been mined for its clichés by a long line of writers, artists, grumblers, and tellers of tall tales. He takes us to the eccentric paras (neighbourhoods) and clubs of the north and the south; past buildings crumbling silently into spectacular ruins; deep inside Park Street's iconic restaurants and watering holes; through roads choked by political rallies; to rundown cinema halls haunted by lonely men; and into the lairs of soothsayers and tantric love gurus.

Part personal essay, part documentary, part cultural history, GRAND DELUSIONS is utterly distinctive and full of surprises. Both intimate and provocative, it shines new light on a great and fascinating city.