J. H. Huang

J. H. Huang spent seven years researching the Linyi text. He lives in California's Bay Area.


The Art of War: The New Translation

Lt. Gen. David W. Barno, USA (Retired): "J. H. Huang's THE ART OF WAR will serve admirably to educate and inspire policymakers and leaders at all levels charged with confronting this century's demanding conflicts."

Lisa Scottoline: "A fascinating translation... which served as a source for ROUGH JUSTICE."

Arthur Waldron: "For those accustomed to the standard version of THE ART OF WAR by General Samuel B. Griffith, USMC, published in 1963, much in Huang's translation will be striking… [but Huang is] on solid ground philologically…. the realist approach to Sun Tzu helps to dispel the air of exoticism that sometimes envelops Oriental military classics."