James Crawford

James Crawford works for Scotland's National Collection of architecture and archaeology. Born in the Shetlands in 1978, he studied history and philosophy of law at the University of Edinburgh, winning the Lord President Cooper Memoiral Prize. He has previously written a number of photographic books, including ABOVE SCOTLAND: THE NATIONAL COLLECTION OF AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY, VICTORIAN SCOTLAND, SCOTLAND'S LANDSCAPES, and AEROFILMS: A HISTORY OF BRITAIN FROM ABOVE. In 2013, he wrote and acted as design consultant on TELLING SCOTLAND'S STORY, a graphic novel guide to Scottish Archaeology.


Fallen Glory
"No one can accuse FALLEN GLORY of lacking ambition....It's a narrative that spans seven millennia, five continents and even reaches into cyberspace. At over 600 pages with endnotes, it’s a commitment. I savored each page. At no time was I tempted to rush through or skip ahead. The writing is that good, and each one of the author’s subjects is fascinating and idiosyncratic....This is a book of and for the world."—The Wall Street Journal

"Witty and memorable...moving as well as myth-busting."—Times Literary Supplement (UK)

"[An] elegant, charged book... A well-written prize for students of history, archaeology, and urban planning."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Crawford's astute, entertaining, and affecting gallery of ruins will appeal to readers drawn to the intersection of history and architecture."—Booklist

"The most interesting book I have come across this year. This is a magnificent study of buildings and other structures that have disappeared. Crawford writes beautifully and tells a fascinating tale that embraces the Library of Alexandria, the Berlin Wall and, in the virtual world, the now defunct Geocities. A lovely, wise book."—Alexander McCall Smith, New Statesman (UK)