Kate Sekules

Kate Sekules recently founded Refashioner, a marketplace for pre-owned couture. She was editor in chief of Culture + Travel, travel editor of Food and Wine, consulting editor for Condé Nast Digital, and has written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and O.


The Boxer

The New York Times Book Review: "Sekules is appealingly self-aware . . . [THE BOXER'S HEART] gives us a sense of women's boxing as a thriving movement."

US Weekly: "The best sports writing often touches on the fundamentals of human nature, and Sekules has that skill nailed. In prose both sensitive and muscular, she relates in candid detail how good it feels to land a punch."

Salon: "A brave and ballsy memoir."

Newsweek: "It's a knockout, folks . . . THE BOXER'S HEART is a winner, on all cards."

Watch an interview with Kate Sekules about THE BOXER'S HEART, filmed at the famed Brooklyn gym Gleason's:

The Boxer's Heart - Kate Sekules from Regal Literary on Vimeo.