Lauren Gibaldi

Lauren Gibaldi is a librarian at Orange County Public Library, where she hosts youth programs. She has a colorful history as a former magazine editor, freelance writer, high school English teacher, bookseller and circus aerialist (seriously). Lauren has a BA in English Literature and a Master's in Library and Information Studies, both from Florida State University. She lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and ever-expanding collection of books. THE NIGHT WE SAID YES is her first novel. Her newest novel, THIS TINY PERFECT WORLD, is forthcoming from HarperCollins in early 2018.

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The Night We Said Yes

Praise for THE NIGHT WE SAID YES by Lauren Gibaldi

"Gibaldi effectively captures intense, all-consuming teen attraction." -School Library Journal

"A story of first love lost and possibly found again ... Many teens will identify with the abundance of relationship drama on offer here, even as it unfolds at length among all of the main characters. The dialogue-driven narrative's straightforwardness serves the time-jump plot device well, helping to keep the audience grounded. [Readers] looking for a light but meaningful summer romance will engage with it effortlessly." - Kirkus

"Gibaldi's special debut will make readers ruminate on first chances, first loves and those big, life-altering decisions. This perfectly paced book is fun to read, and the love story embedded within - along with a boatload of awesome characters - will appeal to lovers of all genres." -Romantic Times

"Gibaldi tells a story of friendship and romance, music and trespassing, and ultimately pursuing your own dream and your heart's desire." -Booklist

"Speaks to the power of friendship and the importance of nurturing relationships." - VOYA

"Lauren Gibaldi so cleverly weaves the past and the present to tell an authentic, spontaneous story of friendship, romance, and all the gray areas in between. With the turn of each page, you'll be so glad you said yes to The Night We Said Yes!" -Julie Murphy, author of Side Effects May Vary

"Irresistibly sweet and full of heart, Matt and Ella's romance charmed me twice." -Jessica Martinez, author of Kiss Kill Vanish and The Vow

"You'll wish you could step into the pages and go along for the ride. Suspenseful, romantic, and just plain fun. Say yes to this book!" -Tara Altebrando, author of The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life

"This is a story for anyone who's ever wanted to give first love a second chance." -Melissa Walker, author of Ashes to Ashes and Lovestruck Summer

"The Night We Said Yes captures the flutter and heartache of first love. This book is a first kiss and a first touch. It is a promise of a night filled with the thrill (and fear) of so many possibilities." -Jenny Torres Sanchez, author of The Downside of Being Charlie and Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia

"The Night We Said Yes is filled with brilliant insights about what it's like to be young and alive. You haven't met Lauren Gibaldi, but she already knows you." -DC Pierson, author of Crap Kingdom and The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To


From the author of THE NIGHT WE SAID YES comes a fun and heartfelt YA contemporary tale. When Maude decides to search for information about her birth mother, she finds out more than she expected. Perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins and Susane Colasanti.

Family. It's always been a loaded word for Maude, whose birth mother died after giving her up for adoption. With her best friend, Treena, in college in the same town where her birth mother grew up, Maude decides to visit and explore her past. But when Maude arrives, she quickly discovers that Treena doesn't seem to have time for her-or for helping with her search. Enter Bennett, a cute guy who lives in Treena's dorm. He understands Maude's need to find her mother. And as Bennett helps Maude, she starts to realize that her mother's past doesn't have to define her own future.

This Tiny Perfect World

THIS TINY PERFECT WORLD is the story of one summer for a girl called Penny, a girl from a small town where expectations are limited. Kids grow up learning the same trades their parents learned, and marrying their high school sweetheats. That's okay with Penny: she's always known she'd run her mom's diner, and she's happy with her boyfriend Logan, after being best friends since 5th grade, it seemed only natural they'd start dating. It does occasionally give Penny nervous butterflies to think how taken for granted the future is, but then again, what's wrong with a cosy life? Yes, Penny adores acting, and her high school drama coach thinks she could go far, and yes, when she unexpectedly gets a scholarship to an acting camp a few (wealthier) towns over, she can't pass it up. But that doesn't mean anything's really going to change, does it? It's just one summer.

But slowly, the people she meets at Breakthrough, particularly a girl called Sam and a boy called Chase, make her realize how big the world is and how much other people have been taught to expect from it. Chase's car, fake ID, apparently unlimited wealth, and taste for house parties also make an impression. Over the summer, Penny becomes pulled in two different directions, and has to figure out how to be honest with herself and everybody else.