Mary McNamara

Mary McNamara is the leading entertainment reporter for the Los Angeles Times, where she has covered the inner-workings of Hollywood for nearly two decades. She's driven Kevin Bacon to the Chateau Marmont in her station wagon and hunted through the garbage for her lost handbag with Catherine Keener. She is the only reporter ever to be allowed in the green room at the Academy Awards, escorted by Dustin Hoffman himself. It was Dustin, in fact, who suggested she turn her Hollywood experience into her first novel, OSCAR SEASON. Her second novel, THE STARLET, also features Juliette Greyson, the quick-thinking minx fixer at the Pinnacle Hotel in Beverly Hills. McNamara lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.


Oscar Season

T. Jefferson Parker Mystery Award Finalist

"Glitz, gossip and suspense... cheeky, engaging... it's the perfect type of read for a nonstop flight between LAX and JFK and it's smarter and better crafted by leagues than any Jackie Collins paperback... you can't help but enjoy McNamara's pithy dialogue, fast pacing and trenchant observations." - Los Angeles Times Book Review

"All the inside knowledge [McNamara] couldn't use in her reportage eventually paid dividends -- as juicy fodder for her first novel." - Variety

"Indulge in juicy, behind-the-scenes gossip." - Glamour

"A disturbingly accurate picture of life, love and publicity during the industry's most electric awards season." - New York Daily News

"With a depth of character and an insider's eye that you don't expect from a mystery, Mary McNamara spins a sensational tale of gossip, intrigue, murder, and mayhem." - Amy Ephron, author of A CUP OF TEA and WHITE ROSE

"A must for the starstruck." - OK! Magazine

The Starlet

Publishers Weekly: "[A] colorful, all-stops-out seriocomic romp."