Maya Rock

Maya Rock is a freelance book editor and writer based in New York, NY. Previously, she spent five years at Writers House, a renowned Manhattan literary agency, where she assisted chairman Al Zuckerman. In 2010, she founded Rock Editorial Services, which offers an array of editorial and writing services. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English and hails from the northern suburbs of New York. Her debut YA novel, SCRIPTED, is forthcoming from Putnam.



To the people suffering on the war-torn mainland, Bliss Island seems like an idyllic place. And it is: except for the fact that the island is a set, and the islanders' lives are a performance. They're the stars of a hit TV show, Blissful Days-Characters are adored by mainland viewers, yet in constant danger of being cut if their ratings dip too low. And no one really knows what happens to cut Characters.

Nettie Starling knows she's been given the chance of a lifetime when a producer offers suggestions to help her improve her mediocre ratings-especially when those suggestions involve making a move on the boy she's been in love with for years. But she'll soon have to decide how far she's willing to go to keep the cameras fixed on her. . . especially when she learns what could happen to her if she doesn't.