Peter Englund

Peter Englund is Sweden's most prominent narrator of modern history. His bestselling books have been raved by celebrated authors in his genre, including Antony Beevor and Simon Sebag Montefiore.

Peter Englund has published a range of bestselling narrative non-fiction hailed by the critics and nominated and awarded with major prestigious prizes, including the August Prize, Albert Bonnier's literary prize, De Nios Prize, and the Selma Lagerlof's Literary Prize.

In 2002, Peter Englund was elected to the Swedish Academy (who awards the Nobel Prize in Literature). In December 2008, Peter Englund was appointed the new Permanent Secretary of Swedish Academy.

THE BEAUTY AND THE SORROW is Peter Englund's tenth book. It has sold over 150,000 copies in Sweden alone.

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The Beauty and the Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War

A Washington Post Best Book of 2011

A San Francisco Chronicle Top 10 Books of 2011

A New York Daily News Best Book of 2011

Juliet Gardiner, author of THE BLITZ: "A richly complex and rarely heard account of the First World War that lingers in the memory . . . Immensely powerful."

Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of JERUSALEM: THE BIOGRAPHY: "Peter Englund is one of the finest writers of our time on the tactics, the killing and the psychology of war. In THE BEAUTY AND THE SORROW, he superbly and humanely brings to life all the tragedy, chaos, death and gunsmoke of battle."

Antony Beevor, author of BERLIN: THE DOWNFALL: "A wonderfully wide and rich mosaic of personal experience from the First World War".

Dwight Garner, The New York Times: "Intense and bighearted . . . His book has the most devastating ending I can remember in a piece of nonfiction."

Gerard DeGroot, Washington Post: "In four decades of studying war, I've never read such a remarkable book . . . Twenty lives, told in parallel, convey the war's complexity better than any of the grand histories so far written."

John McMurtrie, San Francisco Chronicle: "Though the beauty in THE BEAUTY AND THE SORROW may be fleeting, overwhelmed by extraordinary loss, Englund has brought back to life, on the page, a small group of people who endured that loss, resurrecting them in both simple and eloquent testimonials. That, in and of itself, is a beautiful tribute."

Publishers Weekly (starred review): "A brilliant feat of retrospective journalism . . . Englund's deft collation provides insights into more than the carnage."

Kirkus (starred review): "Largely written in the present tense to maintain the sense of immediacy, it is by turns pithy, lyrical, colorful, poignant and endlessly absorbing. An exquisite book."