Stuart Archer Cohen

Stuart Archer Cohen is the owner of an international company trading in rare textiles in China and South America. He lives in Alaska with his wife and two children. He has travelled widely and is fluent in English, Spanish and Mandarin. His acclaimed first novel, INVISIBLE WORLD, was set in Inner Mongolia. His second novel, 17 STONE ANGELS, is a neo-noir crime thriller set in Buenos Aires. Cohen's novel, THE ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, is currently being developed into a feature film by Oliver Stone

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The Army of the Republic

New York Times: "Chilling vision of a not-too-distant future . . . Mr. Cohen writes with conviction."

USA Today: "That these 400-plus pages fly by so quickly is a credit to Cohen's plotting and his insight into the paranoid mind. . . . just try resisting the thrilling sequences where tech-savy insurgents plot audacious attacks with a sophistication that Robert Redford would have envied in Three Days of the Condor."

Library Journal (starred review): "This timely, well-written, and very dark novel is a winner."

Naomi Klein, author of THE SHOCK DOCTRINE and NO LOGO: "One of the first works of art with the courage to live up to our historical moment. THE ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC is brilliant, terrifying and much too close for comfort."

David Maine, author of THE PRESERVATIONIST and MONSTER, 1959: "A white-knuckle thrill ride that goes from zero to 99 in the first paragraph and never slows down: Thomas Paine meets Rage Against the Machine."


Invisible World

"Cohen's elegantly written novel is an intriguing mixture of adventure story and philosophical conundrum. Ingenious, atmospheric and unsettling." - London Times

"Here is a thinking person's thriller, brimming with ideas and a most appropriate complexity." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Top quality debut suspense novel... a whopping winner. Cohen puts everything into this masterpiece." - Kirkus Reviews

17 Stone Angels

"A tour-de-force of narrative precision and psychological acuity." -Crime Time (London)

"Part thriller, part insight into the underbelly of Buenos Aires . . . [a] dark and moody thriller." -Irish Examiner

"A powerful, disquieting novel." -London Daily Telegraph

This Is How It Really Sounds
Ranging from the wicked noir Shanghai of 1946, to the echo chambers of Hollywood, to remote, snow-covered mountains, Stuart Archer Cohen's THIS IS HOW IT REALLY SOUNDS follows three men, each in search of a different life. Small-town Alaskan "Harry" Harrington is a legend in a small circle, once the world's greatest extreme skier, racing avalanches and knocking back flips off of cliffs. Peter Harrington is a world-famous financier, hated across the globe for making hundreds of millions of dollars on his hedge fund, and fleeing New York to begin a new venture in Shanghai. Finally, there is Pete Harrington, a middle-aged rock star, now touring third-tier venues and fleeing bankruptcy, but hoping that one great new song can rescue him. All are seeking something that has slipped away--youth, power, purpose, magic; all are wonderful creations, whose strangely familiar lives and dreams become unforgettable. Mingling wickedly-funny satire with heart-stopping adventure, THIS IS HOW IT REALLY SOUNDS explores the seductive power of the unlived life, and what happens when you finally grasp it.