Veronica Gonzalez Peña

The winner of the Aztlan Prize for Latino Literature and finalist for The Believer 2007 Fiction award, Veronica Gonzalez Peña is the author of TWIN TIME; OR HOW DEATH BEFELL ME (Semiotexte, 2007). Her work has been published in Black Clock, Animal Shelter, The Massachusetts Review and New World: Young Latino Writers, among other publications. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.


The Sad Passions

Los Angeles Times: "[A] haunting tale of loss and art . . . Gorgeously dark . . . For all of the effects of erasure and absence on THE SAD PASSIONS, the narration is incredibly present, crawling on the page in spidery, sprawling observations, setting up pools and lairs that lure a reader in." "Devastating and triumphant . . . Painful and raw, THE SAD PASSIONS is a novel that explores the darkest complexities of family histories and our hopeless desire to make sense of insanity."

Los Angeles Review of Books: "[An] extraordinary novel of desire, loss, and matrilineal history . . . Gonzalez Peña is a fearless and tough writer, capable of skillfully interpolating moments of tender intimacy with scenes of shocking violence . . . Gonzalez Peña has a seemingly inexhaustible store of anecdotal knowledge, a great gift for black humor, and the ability to construct a captivating world both thrillingly familiar and engagingly strange."